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To our Major Key customers: We are currently gathering all the Major Key Rhodes piano components together from three different Fullerton locations. This is difficult, to say the least. We need to count, package, and assign the original Fender part numbers that match the Fender Rhodes Service Manual, as well as inspect the components for fit and finish. They need to be entered into a database and assigned a value. Our intent is to publish this list on our site by part number sequentially. This way, you can find any of the parts and check availability and price, we'd like to make it simple and straightforward. At this time, please be patient and we will publish this list as soon as we possibly can. Thank you for all your support!

For a special treat, listen to Harold Rhodes on a Kawai grand piano in 1993, which Harold personally made for me as part of a new cassette prototype tape piano course. Harold never played for anybody in concert after 1982 because he felt his playing had deteriorated in his later years, so this is very special to me. Enjoy! Click Here to listen.

New from Major Key: The SC-73 Electric Piano Preamplifier with Vibrato!

Any stage piano can now have the sound of the legendary suitcase pianos, with their classic tone due to their on-board preamp with vibrato. The SC-73 brings all the mojo of the suitcase tone, but taken to a whole new level with the built-in Harmonic Clarifier. Got a thing for the suitcase tone? We do too, and you won't believe your ears when you experience the SC-73.

The Major Key preamp model SC-73 is a re-creation of the Rhodes Suitcase 73 preamp with an exciting twist. The input signal is connected to a low noise, studio grade, op-amp that properly loads the pickup rail of a suitcase piano and amplifies the signal level. Next the signal is fed into a fully professional BBE Sonic Maximizer circuit, the same circuit found in the company’s 482i unit. This is where the exciting twist happens. The BBE circuit adds depth and clarity to the entire audio spectrum and brings out all the harmonic richness of any Rhodes. With independent controls over the low and high frequencies you will discover a wealth of tonal variations that previously were unavailable.

From the BBE circuitry the signal travels to the tremolo circuit, the very same circuitry found in the original units - even the use of the original Vactec VTL5C3 optical isolator device. Great care has been taken with the tremolo circuit to assure that its tonal character and “vibe” remained faithful to the original. The unit operates with an internal, fully regulated, +/- 15 volt bi-polar power supply which provides excellent headroom and superior signal integrity.


Have you ever heard of the Rhodes EK-10 with its on-board synthesizer? Major Key is proud to bring you in-depth coverage of story behind the forward-looking, but tragic, Rhodes EK-10 piano.

In Memoriam

04/04/06: We are sad to announce the passing of Fender/CBS R&D engineer and Major Key collaborator Steve Boulanger, a close friend of John's and a brilliant man. Steve was best known for prototyping Fender guitar designs and for his work in the Fender Custom Shop. He was most recently employed by G&L Guitars to modernize the guitar factory, at the same time helping to develop new Major Key projects. Things won't be the same around here without you, Steve....